I am a lifelong Athlete and UFC Veteran that has trained Mixed Martial Arts for over 15 years.


Throughout my life I have overcome many health challenges and injuries; everything from a rare cardiac congenital condition to nerve damage. I learned that there was no quick fix to any of my injuries or symptoms. To truly heal, I needed to look at my entire lifestyle from a holistic approach. I offer Holistic Lifestyle and MMA Coaching to anyone who is ready to grow and connect with themselves in a way they have never done before. I stand for the truth, fight for mental health, and work to constantly grow every day.


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Holistic Lifestyle Coaching

I am a licensed Holistic Lifestyle Coach under the C.H.E.K Institute in which I offer a holistic approach to your mental and physical health by looking at what makes you happy, the amount of movement you get, the type of diet you eat, and the quality of your quiet time. 


MMA Coaching

I offer World-Class Mixed Martial Arts techniques and weight cutting assistance with over 15 years of experience training wrestling, boxing, muay thai/kickboxing and jiu-jitsu. I provide online and in-person coaching or consultation.



I have done motivational speaking for troubled youth in foster care and teens in secondary schools. I am interested in speaking to troubled youth and teens who may be struggling with home life but want to break the family cycle of violence, addiction and incarceration.


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