- About Me -


I was born in Sacramento, CA with a rare cardiac congenital condition called Vascular Ring, which led to emergency surgery at one year old. I also faced other respiratory issues and had multiple surgeries early on in life. At the age of three, both of my parents were arrested and my dad stayed in prison for 23 years. I grew up in what most people call a dysfunctional family environment.

I found a passion for sports early on in life and despite the fact that my physical and emotional challenges should have held me back, I continued to do what I love and found a greater sense of awareness. I learned early on that I wanted to live a life that left a positive legacy so I tried to stay focused on school and sports.

I attended Albany High School where I competed in sports such as baseball, football, and wrestling which led me to being one of Contra Costa Counties top 100 prep athletes in 2002. 

After High School I moved to Santa Rosa to attend Junior College to study kinesiology and wrestle for the school. After a year I decided college was not for me, so I dropped out and joined the workforce as a construction worker. I became overweight and was looking to workout again so I began training at a local MMA gym. I quickly found out that I was a natural at MMA and decided to pursue a career as a professional fighter.


I had my first professional fight in 2004 and became an MMA World Champion for Gladiator Challenge in 2005. I then fought for the UFC from 2006 to 2011 and got inducted into my High School Hall of Fame in 2008. After 10 years of fighting professionally I got nerve damage in my neck and could no longer compete in MMA. 

I stayed connected with martial arts by opening a martial arts gym, Performance Fitness & MMA, in 2014. I also coached Daniel Cormier for diet and weight cut to help him become the UFC Light Heavyweight World Champion in 2015. After taking a holistic approach to healing I was able to compete in MMA again in 2018. I continue to coach people in MMA and recently became a licensed Holistic Lifestyle Coach - Level 1 under the C.H.E.K Institute.