- Success Stories -


Daniel Cormier

UFC Heavyweight Champion
Former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion

I coached Daniel specifically on dieting and weight cutting to drop from Heavyweight to Light Heavyweight divisions so that he could compete for the UFC Light Heavyweight World Championship.

I did everything from preparing weekly meals to becoming his personal chef and living with him during his fight camp. I also joined him on the road during fight week to make sure he was able to make weight and perform at the highest level. 



Former URCC Flyweight Champion

Derrick came to me wanting to pursue his MMA dream and become a UFC Champion. He had already become a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt and fought professional MMA but had since given up on his Mixed Martial Arts dream due to life circumstances. When my gym opened close enough for him to make the commute he decided to give it another shot. I told him I would hold him to a higher standard than anyone because his goals were high and so was his potential. He became the champion of the URCC and decided to retire from MMA competition and become a coach himself. His growth as a person is what makes me most proud of my work with Derrick.



Dragon House Amatuer Flyweight Champion
Former 559 Amatuer Flyweight Champion

Jaime grew up competing in taekwondo, wrestling and cross country and always dreamed of being a fighter in the UFC. Eventually life lead him into the Big Brother program where he met my former teammates the Newton brothers. When they heard about his dream they reached out to me and even paid for his training to get started with MMA. I took him under my wing to pursue his dream of becoming a professional MMA fighter and fighting in the UFC one day. He has earned a 6-1 record and is looking to turn professional very soon.